Player Information

We encourage out of town visitors to come and play polo here. Please be sure to contact our manager Haley Bryan before you come. She can help you with your plans, and make sure your polo vacation here is everything you hoped for!
phone 803-215-3577 email: Haley Bryan

If you or your family members are interested, the Polo School is available for children or adults, and the Margarita League games are a great ‘stepping stone’ from Polo School to Club chukkers.

ATTENTION: All polo players who plan to play at the Big Horn Polo Club this summer:

The club will require recent proof of vaccination before bringing horses onto the grounds at Big Horn Polo Club. Please contact Haley for details.

*Usage Fee:  Every person, player or groom, who rides at the club also pays a one time usage  fee of $100 in addition to dues. This includes guests, family members, clients trying horses etc.
By the Chukker/All players$100/chukker
Winkler or Don King Days Tournaments/Team Entry$1000/team
Luplow Women’s Tournament/Team Entry$400/team
Please note that all memberships are per player and not to be shared among several players.  It is acceptable for a member to allow another person to play their horses, but not to share their allotted chukkers with other players on other horses. 

*Usage Fee:  Every person, player or groom, who rides at the club also pays a one time usage  fee of $100 in addition to dues. This includes guests, family members, clients trying horses etc.

Seasonal players are those that plan to be available to participate three or more weeks per season.

By the Chukker rate is for those who may only play a few chukkers at a time.  Perhaps visitors, or those who may have a stick and ball membership and want to participate in practice.

Don King Days – At the end of the season is our famous Don King Days Tournament, with the finals held over Labor Day, a three-day celebration of polo, bronc riding, roping, and world-championship blacksmith competition. There is a separate entry fee for this tournament. Please contact Haley if you are interested in participating in Don King Days. The goal level will vary from year to year. The club makes up teams from individuals who are entered but will try to accomodate teams or pairs who would like to play together.

Trailer Parking – When you come for games on the North end of the club, please park on the grass between the road and the Bird Farm, or on the grass area NE of the Don King Days Field. For games on the South Field, you may park around the edges of the field, or on the grass area in the SE corner. For games on the Sunday Field, use the area immediately south of the clubhouse. Be aware, Bucky’s Field and the Don King Days Field run north-south in front of the Clubhouse, and overlap the Sunday Field. The South and Sunday Fields run east-west.

Please avoid driving trailers behind the clubhouse…it creates a dust problem, and there are times when the clubhouse is rented out for private parties. They appreciate it when the rigs come in and go out using the road around the WEST side of the fields, along the fence next to the Flying H Polo Club.

Stick and Ball areas will be marked each day with cones. Please respect those areas; stay within the cones! Use common sense. Avoid riding any horses on areas that have been recently watered.

Stabling / Housing – There is no stabling at the Big Horn Polo Club/Big Horn Equestrian Center. Several local land-owners have houses, pastures, corrals, or stabling availabe for lease. Contact our BHPC Manager Haley Bryan at
803-215-3577 or email: [email protected] or you may contact these people directly.

See Stabling and Housing to see available rentals.