Simon Contractors Cup

Sponsored by Simon Contractors
June 30, 2024, 1:00 p.m.
Java Moon defeated XO Agency 9-6
MVP: Bob Brotherton
BPP: “Thistle” owned by Perk Connell, played by Tim Murphy
Umpires: Gonzalo Teves and Steve Krueger

Both teams, with representatives of Simon Contractors

Simon Contractors Cup

Winning Team – Java Moon

Java Moon: Whistle Uys, Katie George, Bob Brotherton, Max Scott-Barnes,
with representatives from Simon Contractors

Runner-up Team: XO Agency

XO Agency: Megan Flynn, Orrin Connell, Tim Murphy, Zulu Scott-Barnes, Eugenio Ferrari
with Dustin McCann of Simon Contractors

MVP: Bob Brotherton

MVP Bob Brotherton of Java Moon, with Dustin McCann of Simon Contractors

Best Playing Pony – “Thistle”

BPP “Thistle” with Perk Connell and Tim Murphy