Powder Horn Cup

Powder Horn Cup
July 2, 2023
1:00 p..m.
WYTX defeated Big Horn Beverage 8-7
the teams played to a tie at 7-7; the winner of a foot race received one goal, and that decided the game.
MVP: Max Scott-Barnes
BPP: “Mosby ” played by Whistle Uys
Umpires: Orrin Connell, Tim Murphy

Winning Team – WYTX

WYTX: Kim Warren, Carlitos Galindo, Tom Sprung, Sergio Villanueva,
with Karen Chase of Powder Horn Realty

Runner-up Team – Big Horn Beverage

Big Horn Beverage: Whistle Uys, Gillian Johnston, Zulu Scott-Barnes, Max Scott-Barnes

MVP – Max Barnes

MVP: Max Scott-Barnes, with Karen Chase of Powder Horn Realty

Best Playing Pony – “Mosby”

Best Playing Pony: “Mosby” played by Whistle Uys
Foot Race decided the match! Apparently bumping is allowed, just as in polo. Tom Sprung of WYTX edged out Gillian Johnston of Big Horn Beverage for the win.