Paul Nicholson Memorial – NYTS

Paul Nicholson Memorial
July 30, 2023
3:00 p..m.
Java Moon defeated Century 21 5-3
All Stars: (in no particular order) Cruz Bilbao, Joe Bob Lequerica, Lily Lequerica, Santos Teves
BPP: “High Noon” owned by Chrys Beal, played by Lily Lequerica
Umpires: Martin Estrada, Tim Murphy

Winning Team – Java Moon

Java Moon: Joe-Bob Lequerica, Cruz Bilbao, Rosemary Musselman, Sydney Shaw, with Julie Nicholson

Runner-up Team – Century 21

Century 21: Lily Lequerica, Santos Teves, Max Scott-Barnes, Jack Bryant, with Julie Nicholson

NYTS All-Stars

All-stars (qualified for National Finals of the NYTS):
Santos Teves, Lily Lequerica, Joe-Bob Lequerica, Cruz Bilbao, with Julie Nicholson

Best Playing Pony – “High Noon”

Best Playing Pony: “High Noon” with Matias Gonzalez, Chrys Beal and Lily Lequerica