Margarita League Women’s game

Margarita League Women’s Championship
August 13, 2023
9:00 a..m.
Wyo Ag defeated GotYerBack / Rancho Mucho Dinero 4-3
MVP: Tina Scherer
BPP: “Zorro” owned and played by Jessica Keneally

Winning Team -Wyo Ag

Wyo Ag: Ali Osborne, Gretchen Schumacher, Cara Kennedy, Christina Cantu, Stella Dalton, Jess Keneally

Runner-Up Team – GotYerBack / Rancho Mucho Dinero

GotYerBack / Rancho Mucho Dinero: Michelene McCool, Rebecca Colnar, Lucy Day, Kristin Allen, Tina Scherer, Polly Burge, Shea Fogarty, Claire Ashe

MVP – Tina Scherer

MVP: Tina Scherer, with Perk Connell

Best Playing Pony – ‘Zorro’

Best Playing Pony “Zorro” owned and played by Jessica Keneally

Everyone had a great time today!