Kurt Luplow Memorial

Kurt Luplow Memorial, sponsored by Mike and Perk Connell
August 11-13, 2023

Rosters and game schedule

Friday Playoff Games:

10 AM:
BTA defeated Rhino Polo in a shoot-out after tying 4-4
Rhino Polo defeated Pegasus

BTA defeated Pegasus

5 PM (Friday Night Lights):

San Saba defeated Blue Star 5-3.5

Finals – August 13, 2023 3:00 p.m.

San Saba defeated BTA 6-4
MVP: Chrys Beal
BPP: “Noche Buena” owned and played by Dawn Jones
Umpires: Steve Dalton and Emilio Urrea

Winning Team -San Saba

Century 21 / San Saba: Sarah Scott, Carter Nix, Dawn Jones, Kendall Plank, with Perk Connell

Runner-Up Team – BTA

Java Moon / BTA: Chrys Beal, DeeDee Connell, Katie George, Alyson Poor, with Perk Connell.

MVP – Chrys Beal

MVP: Chrys Beal, with Amanda Burns of Cutting Edge Performance Horses

Best Playing Pony – Noche Buena

Best Playing Pony “Noche Buena” with Amanda Burns, Dawn Jones, and Luis Cartegenas