Friday Night Lights 7/30/23

Sponsored by Kid Curious
July 30, 2023, 5:00 p.m.
In a round robin game between three teams, Rancho Mucho Dinero came out on top with a record of 2-0, followed by WyoAg at 1-1, and Got Yer Back at 0-2.

Rancho Mucho Dinero: Robin Johnson, Serena Belsby, Marshall Rosenerg, Drew Luplow, Michelene and Wade McCool, with representatives from Kid Curious.
Wyo Ag: Brandey Heckeroth, Chrys Beal, Jose Barrientos, Rafal Krawczyk, Sydney Shaw (not pictured is Anne Andras), with representatives from Kid Curious
Got Yer Back: Pia Link, Orrin Connell, Sarah Scott, Carter Nix, with representatives from Kid Curious