Margarita League -Shane Winkler


Sponsored by Big Horn Polo Club
July 23, 2023, 11:30 a.m.

Umpire: Steve Dalton.
Rancho Mucho Dinero /WyoAG defeated Kraft/Got Yer Back 4-2
This was a 4-period game, with players rotating in and out for each team… everyone got a chance to play a couple of chukkers!

Winning Team – Rancho Mucho Dinero/WyoAg

Rancho Mucho Dinero/WyoAg: Kristin, Ali, Christina, Jamie, with Perk(not pictured: Rafal, Tina and William)

Runner-up Team – Kraft/GotYerBack

Kraft/Got Yer Back: Robin, Sydney, Shelby, with Perk.
Below: William, Claire, Brittany, Gretchen, with Perk (not pictured: Stella Dalton)