First Northern Bank of Sheridan Trophy

August 27, 2023
3:00 p..m.
Big Horn Beverage defeated WYTX 8-4
MVP: Nicholas Place
BPP: “Buster” played by Avery Evans
Umpires: Orrin Connell and Trent Passini

Winning Team – Big Horn Beverage

Big Horn Beverage: Catlin Dix, Rob Beckman, Elizabeth Radcliffe, Katie George, with Brittany Gorzalka, Melissa Murray, Crystal Sweeney, and Amber Shirley of First Northern Bank

Runner-up Team – WYTX

WYTX : Hutch Radcliffe, Avery Evans, Kaile Roos, and Nicholas Place, with Crystal Sweeney, Brittany Gorzalka, Amber Sweeney, and Melissa Murray of First Northern Bank

MVP – Nicholas Place

MVP: Nicholas Place, with Amber Shirley and Crystal Sweeney of First Northern Bank

Best Playing Pony – “Buster”

Best Playing Pony: “Buster” with Chino, Avery Evans, and Crystal Sweeney and Amber Shirley of First Northern Bank