DKD Margarita League

September 4, 2023
9:00 a..m.
Green defeated White over a three-day cumulative tournament
MVP: Christina Cantu
BPP: “Poppy” owned by Megan Flynn, played by Polly Burge
Umpires: Orrin Connell, Katie George

The whole group, pre-game on Monday

Winning Team – green

Rafal Krawczyk, Shea Fogarty, Candace Swanson, LaRae Burtenshaw, Claire Ashe, Shelby, Kristin Allen, Tina Scherer, and Polly Burge, Perk Connell presenting

Runner-up Team – white

Roxanne, Jessica Keneally, Mark Watkins, Robin Johnson, Gretchen Schumacher , Christina Cantu, Rebecca Colnar, and Perk Connell presenting

MVP – Christina Cantu

MVP Christina Cantu, with Perk Connell and Megan Flynn

Best Playing Pony – “Poppy”

“Poppy” with Megan Flynn and Polly Burge