C&K Equipment – Shane Winkler Memorial

Shane Winkler Memorial, sponsored by C&K Equipment
July 16-23, 2023

Rosters and game schedule

Friday Games:
BTA/Lightning Bolt defeated AshBlue 7-5
Perk’s Horspital defeated Evergreen 8-6.5

Finals – July 23, 2023
3:00 p..m.

Umpires: Julian Appleby and Emilio
Perk’s Horspital defeated BTA/Lightning Bolt 9-6
MVP: Malia Bryan
BPP: “Larry” owned by Rob Beckman, played by Steve Krueger

Winning Team -Perk’s Horspital

Perk’s Horspital: Cruz Bilbao, Malia Bryan, Tim Murphy, Frankie Bilbao, with presenters Paige, Miles, and Brad Walden of C&K Equipment, and Perk Connell

Runner-Up Team – BTA/Lightning Bolt

BTA / Lightning Bolt: Steve Krueger, Orrin Connell, Katie George, Chrys Beal, with presenters Paige, Miles, and Brad Walden of C&K Equipment.

MVP – Malia Bryan

MVP: Malia Bryan of Perk’s Horspital, with MVP sponsor Dr. Jacqueline Janes of Palm Beach Equine

Best Playing Pony – Larry

Best Playing Pony “Larry” owned by Rob Beckman (right), played by Steve Krueger